AutoCamp Cape Cod Summit Club & Explorer FAQ

Everything you need to know about AutoCamp Cape Cod and everything that comes along with your Summit Club or Explorer package.


How does this all work?

Explorer or Summit Club are packages with exclusive perks that can be redeemed for a room’s stay at AutoCamp Cape Cod. By purchasing one of these packages, you get access to our online booking calendar where you can book your room at AutoCamp Cape Cod before we open up booking to the general public. Summit Club packages get first access, followed by Explorer packages. All of this happens before AutoCamp Cape Cod begins taking bookings from the general public.

I purchased an Explorer or Summit Club package. How do I book my stay at AutoCamp Cape Cod?

At the conclusion of the AutoCamp Cape Cod presale, you will receive an email with a link to book your room at AutoCamp Cape Cod. Reservations will be taken via our online booking system. Summit Club packages will receive their booking link first, followed by Explorer packages.

What’s the difference between Explorer and Summit Club?

Explorer and Summit Club both receive early access to book at AutoCamp Cape Cod, before we open booking to the general public. However, Summit Club members will get first access to booking at AutoCamp Cape Cod, followed by Explorer members. Summit Club also carries additional perks and benefits. See the breakdown below.

Explorer – $250

  • $250 room credit, automatically applied to your reservation
  • Early access to book, beginning in mid-January
  • Exclusive invitations to AutoCamp events

Summit Club – $750

  • First access to book, beginning in early January
  • $750 room credit, automatically applied to your reservation
  • AutoCamp exclusive canvas tote — made in collaboration with Forestbound Bag Co. — filled with exclusive products
  • Complimentary upgrade upon arrival of your first stay, subject to availability
  • Complimentary welcome gift with your first stay
  • Exclusive invitations to AutoCamp events

Will AutoCamp Cape Cod have ADA accessible accommodations?

AutoCamp Cape Cod will have ADA accommodations available, in the form of our Luxury Tents and Cabins. Additionally, all amenities on the property will be accessible.

How much are room rates at AutoCamp Cape Cod?

AutoCamp Cape Cod room rates vary by date and accommodation type ranging from $175 on weekdays up to $475 per night on peak weekends, plus resort fees.

Are dogs allowed at AutoCamp Cape Cod?

Yes! Well-behaved dogs may accompany their owners for an additional fee of $75.00 per stay, 2 dogs maximum. We kindly ask guests who bring their dog to read our Dog Policy below before checking into AutoCamp. Dogs are not allowed on property without prior approval.

Dog Policy

  • Dogs must be kept on a maximum 6-foot leash at all times under owner supervision and may not be left unattended at any time.
  • Guests are responsible to “clean up” after their dog. All dog waste must be properly disposed of in a dog receptacle.
  • Noisy, vicious or unruly dogs are not allowed.
  • AutoCamp is not responsible for, and will hold dog owner accountable, for any injury or damage caused by your dog.

Can I purchase multiple packages for myself?

You can purchase as many packages as you’d like for your own personal use. Each package is good for securing one room’s booking at AutoCamp Cape Cod. 

Can I buy a package as a gift?

Yes, Explorer and Summit Club packages make great gifts! Please complete your purchase and then contact our Concierge with your name,order number, and the name and email address of the gift recipient at concierge@autocamp.com who will assist you with assigning the gift to the recipient. Please note, the email address you input at checkout will instantly receive a purchase receipt, and will then be sent the early access booking link during the exclusive booking period in December according to the package type purchased.


When will I be able to book my stay at AutoCamp Cape Cod?

  • Summit Club Packages (First Access) – January 15
  • Explorer Packages – January 22, 2019

How long is my booking window?

You’ll receive a special password when you can access your booking window. Summit Club packages will have 2 weeks to book online before anyone else. Explorer packages will have 1 week to book online before anyone else. After that, general booking will open.

Do I receive a hard credit card / gift certificate?

You will not receive a hard copy of your credit. You will receive an email from us in the next couple of weeks with details on how and when to book. Your credit will automatically be applied to your reservation after you book. Once your credit has been applied, you’ll receive an updated receipt of your total balance due, if any.

Will my credit card be charged when I make a reservation?

Your credit card will not be charged when you make your reservation. We are applying your credit automatically on the back end once you make a reservation. 

Can I book more than one room?

Yes, you can book more than one room. You’ll need to input your password each time you book a room.

Why is a credit card required to book my stay at AutoCamp Cape Cod?

Every reservation requires a credit card at the time of online booking. In the case that your Explorer or Summit Club room credit is not sufficient to cover your first night’s room rate and taxes, then your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance due after your credit is applied. AutoCamp’s General Booking Policies are available here.

Even if the cost of your stay is less than the value of your Explorer or Summit Club credit, we still require a credit card to complete your reservation for any incidentals once you arrive at AutoCamp Cape Cod or any additional packages or add ons that you include with your reservation.

Do my Explorer or Summit Club perks and credit expire?

Your room credit and perks are valid until November 1, 2024.

Can I use my Explorer or Summit Club package and credit at another location?

No. The package you purchase here will only be available to book and use at AutoCamp Cape Cod.

Is my Summit Club or Explorer package refundable?

No, Summit Club and Explorer packages are not refundable. Once your reservation is booked at AutoCamp Cape Cod, it is subject to our cancellation policy (see below). If you need to reschedule your reservation and there is a refund in credit due to you, your credit will be returned to you in the form of a gift card for AutoCamp Cape Cod.

What is the cancellation policy for reservations at AutoCamp Cape Cod?

All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee. In the event your travel plans change and you are unable to stay with us, cancellations must be made no later than 4 pm exactly 14 days before your reservation is scheduled to begin in order to guarantee a refund. If your reservation is canceled within 14 days of your reservation you will forfeit the first night’s deposit paid at time of booking.

I have leftover credit. When can I use it?

You can use your leftover credit for another reservation at AutoCamp Cape Cod.

How do I book a dog-friendly Airstream for Cape Cod if I purchased a package?

If you’d like to book a dog-friendly Airstream, please add a pet kit to your reservation at the time of booking. Pet kits include a $75 charge per 2 dogs.

I want to book with a group, can I do that here?

Please contact our Group Sales Manager for all bookings for groups requiring more than eight rooms. Get the first pick of dates for your event and exclusive access to the entire property and Clubhouse for two nights. Please contact us below if you’d like to learn more.

Email: groups@autocamp.com

Phone: (888) 592-7784

Have more questions?

Contact us at capecod@autocamp.com.