LGBTQ-Friendly Travel in California

Adventure travel is the hottest trend for travelers across the spectrum right now. For people in the LBGTQ community, gay-friendly vacations offer the chance for sports and activities in scenic locations around the globe. Biking, boating, hiking, rock climbing, photography expeditions, foodie adventures and more are all ways to test limits and push the envelope.

These journeys in the company of loved ones, a group of new friends on a tour, or by yourself are a fantastic way to meet people and explore the world. Activities exist for every budget, schedule, and preference. Gay adventure travel might be as wild as taking a zip-line tour through the forest, going to your first Pride event at a nearby gay travel destination, or simply joining your first wine tasting event at one of California’s famous vineyards. Each traveler defines their own adventure.

Biking at the Russian RIver

Gay Adventure Travel

For some people, traveling with a well-established gay travel group on a planned tour is the best way to join the travel club. At the same time, many LGBTQ families take yearly vacations, and there are plenty of solo gay and lesbian travelers around the world. The destinations and reasons for traveling are as unique as people themselves. Some like the nightlife or the luxury cruises, while others prefer visiting museums and art festivals. Many others prefer outdoor vacations, camping, backpacking or getting as far off the grid as possible.

Gay travel is all about friendly, welcoming accommodations and having fun at whatever activity you choose. Just like travelers from every other demographic, the LGBTQ traveler wants to experience places, learn things and feel welcome wherever they go.

LGBTQ-Friendly Travel Destinations in California

AutoCamp is a unique, environmentally responsible camping travel alternative that anyone can enjoy. Whether you go alone, as a couple, with family or in small groups, you can enjoy one of our amazing California getaways at either our Russian River location or our Yosemite location.

At AutoCamp, our gay-friendly vacation destinations offer excitement, shareable moments and the ability to experience local, authentic cuisine and activities near our facilities. Our locations are perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, or just getting away for a long weekend of relaxation and fresh air. Travelers can choose a high-octane adventures like canoeing the river at our Russian River campsite, or a laid back adventure wining and dining at one of the many farm-to-table restaurants in the surrounding areas.

AutoCamp locations offer great food at a range of prices, from modest to exclusive, for the gastronome. Day tours to delight the most dedicated foodies can be arranged, including cooking classes, wine tasting, grape stomping and more.

Family Fun at AutoCamp

Our locations are both family-friendly, so they should appeal to parents who want to show the kids a unique, outdoors experience. We have tons of nature activities, including walking tours, fishing, bird watching trips and bicycling. Organized bike tours are also available, lasting from a few hours to a few days.

The AutoCamp Russian River location is close to nearby favorite gay travel destinations, especially for travelers who enjoy unique California neighborhoods and nightclubs and nightlife, such as Rainbow Cattle Co. and a number of other gay-friendly nightclubs.

Regardless of which AutoCamp site you choose, you will always come back to a safe and welcoming home away from home. When you choose one of our planned group excursions, you’ll enjoy up to a week of luxury camping in California without ever setting up a tent or cooking a meal. We handle all the hard work for you so you and yours can enjoy the travel. We believe “gay adventure travel” and “gay-friendly vacations” are just different names for remarkable and unforgettable experiences.

LGBTQ Getaways for Individuals, Couples, Families & Groups

Group trips have become popular with LGBTQ travelers because of ease access to the best restaurants, spectacular trails, the best beaches and the things you love to share with others near your campgrounds. Group trips are fast becoming the best gay vacations for both single gay men and lesbians to meet new friends as well as for couples and casual friends to explore new places with like-minded travelers.

Typically, gay travel groups are a mix of solo travelers, couples, friends and strangers. Often, a few people are traveling with family members, too. It’s a blast to share new experiences with people, but be sure to schedule some time alone during a group tour so you can get some “you time” in, too!

Make Your California Getaway Unforgettable

AutoCamp has discovered many LGBTQ travelers value social and cultural change in general. We believe great design, like that at AutoCamp, has the power to change the world. Our smart planning and space design allow us to reduce our environmental footprint. Our luxurious, small-space design accommodations inside cool, iconic Airstream trailers are an ideal base for whatever adventuring you plan to do in California on your next vacation.

First and foremost, AutoCamp offers luxury camping in an environmentally sustainable, safe and non-judgmental location. Enjoy the great outdoors and stunning surroundings while preserving the environment as part of your gay-friendly vacation. AutoCamp’s inspired leisure lets everyone follow their instincts to wander the outdoors or the city and find their own adventure, and then come home to the spirit of camping with all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Premium BaseCamp Suite

We know that connecting with nature is healthy for the body and soul, and that is the essence of vacation. Share that with your loved ones as you enjoy the culture and other adventures in and around each California AutoCamp location. Whether your passion is wine, food, art, dancing, hiking, biking or just relaxing on the porch, we offer the perfect spot for singles, couples, families and groups to relax and enjoy the outdoors. We are busy reinventing the experience of camping, and everyone is welcome to join!

Ready to plan an LGBTQ-friendly vacation for you and your loved ones, or a gay-friendly group retreat to the beautiful California outdoors? Let us be your concierge. Contact us online or at (888) 405-7553 today to get started.