Our Sister Brand

A new hotel for everyday adventure

Field Station, AutoCamp’s sister brand, lovingly renovates and upcycles old lodges and motels in prime outdoor destinations to create supportive and sustainable basecamps for exploring nearby natural areas.

Meet us in Moab

You know that warm flush of feeling you get right after you accomplish something you weren’t sure you could do? That feeling where you let out a long-held breath, grin without realizing it, then remember why you set out in the first place? Yeah, we know that feeling, too.

At Field Station, we’re all about empowering more people — all kinds of people — to experience that feeling for themselves, whether it comes when they’re staring back at a trail they just traveled, or a rock face they just climbed.

We believe the world would be a better place if more people experienced these feelings, so we’re on a mission to enable everyone to get out there with greater ease and comfort, and greater knowledge, too. We’re here, so that after a hot shower, a cold beer, a really good night of sleep (and an even better cup of coffee), you can venture back out there anew.

Field Station Moab provides overnight accommodations, experiences, community, and gear in one of Utah’s most sought after destinations.

Our Moab location is located just outside of Arches National Park, right in downtown Moab.


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