AutoCamp x Hiking My Feelings for Mental Health Awareness Month

Does the key to transforming your life lie in the rhythm of your footsteps? Join recovering marketer, wellness advocate and wilderness guide Sydney Williams as she reveals the self-reflection framework that helped her recover from career burnout, reverse diabetes, and kick her self-limiting beliefs to the curb. Through hiking and backpacking, Sydney learned to disconnect from distractions and reconnect with herself, turning her pain into power.

Hiking My Feelings and AutoCamp + Field Station are proud to present this transformative event series celebrating Sydney’s new book, “Hiking Your Feelings: Blazing a Trail to Self-Love.” Enjoy a book reading, signing, and fireside chat with Sydney, along with optional volunteer events led by Sydney and local non profit organizations. Join us on the dates below and receive 10% off with the code HIKINGMYFEELINGS.

AutoCamp Joshua Tree: Book reading and fireside chat 4/29
Field Station Moab: Book reading and fireside chat 5/10 & Volunteer event 5/11 with Canyonlands Field Institute
AutoCamp Zion: Book reading and fireside chat at AutoCamp on 5/17 & Morning volunteer event 5/18 with Zion Forever Project.
AutoCamp Yosemite: Book reading and fireside chat 5/24


Event Locations

AutoCamp Joshua Tree

Book reading and fireside chat on 4/29

Explore Joshua Tree

Field Station Moab

Book reading and fireside chat on 5/10

Volunteer event on 5/11 with Canyonlands Field Institute


Explore Moab

AutoCamp Zion

Book reading and fireside chat on 5/17

Morning volunteer event on 5/18 with Zion Forever Project


Explore Zion


AutoCamp Yosemite

Book reading and fireside chat on 5/24

Explore Yosemite