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Foraging in the Catskills with Musician Sean Rowe and Friends

This past year AutoCamp partnered with musician and wild-foods forager, Sean Rowe for guest programming and special events, along with his online series, Can I Eat This, where he explores a connection to nature through the diversity of nutritious wild foods.

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Joined by our friends at The Bluegrass Situation, in each 30 minute episode, Sean invites a fellow musician to learn how to identify, harvest, and cook local, wild edibles back at AutoCamp. Each musician ends with an Airstream Session of a cover song. 

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The series features Brooklyn-based musician, Taylor Ashton, and Boston-based Chicana songwriter, Alisa Amadaor, winner of 2022’s Tiny Desk Concert. You can expect to learn about abundant wild greens related to spinach, plus how to eat all parts of a Milkweed plant, make wild kombucha, process your own fruit leather. There’s also a recipe for Japanese Knotweed pickles (a close relative of Rhubarb) and much more. 

Sean and Taylor performed Gillian Welch’s, “Look at Miss Ohio” and Sean and Alisa covered Tom Waitt’s “Hold On”.

Watch full episodes of Can I Eat This: Episode 1 | Episode 2

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