Step Up Your S’mores Game

Simple and surprising ways to upgrade the iconic campfire treat.

The nostalgic combination of graham crackers, milk chocolate, and marshmallows never gets old—that’s why our General Store sells s’mores kits with all the essential ingredients you need for making the iconic melty treats. But there’s also plenty of fun and easy ways to elevate your s’mores to suit your tastes and impress your guests around the campfire. Here’s a few ways to keep things interesting. 

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For the Chocolate Lovers

  • Upgrade your chocolate game with dark chocolate or a single-origin bar like these from Mast Brothers, which will add a bit more of a grown-up edge and cut down on the sweetness. 
  • If you’re a confident cook, you can make your own chocolate marshmallows at home and bring them along for a double dose of chocolate. They’re labor-intensive but store well for up to a week, and do double duty as a cocoa topping for chilly nights around the fire. 
  • Swap graham crackers for your favorite chocolate-packed cookie! Chocolate chip is a life-changing choice that will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried it earlier. 
Banana Boat Sq

Go Fruit-Forward

  • Combine the best things about a s’more and a banana split with these seriously rich campfire banana boats. Bring an array of toppings like chocolate, caramel, nuts, and even spreads like Nutella and let your friends or family create their own combos before warming them over low coals.

Another fresh twist? Layer sliced strawberries, crushed raspberries, thinly sliced peaches, or even your favorite jam in for a gourmet spin on the childhood classic.

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Experiment with Sweet and Salty

  • Not a chocolate chip fan? Use nutty, salty peanut butter cookies in place of graham crackers instead—they also add a chewy texture that’s a nice way to mix things up. 
  • Keep everything the same, but sprinkle some flaky, Maldon-style sea salt on top of your milk chocolate before sandwiching in the marshmallow for a sophisticated, pastry chef-worthy treat. Or, for an extra hit of campfire flavor, bring along a smoked sea salt chocolate bar like this one