Meet the Makers: AutoCamp Joshua Tree

Meet the Makers and Artists Adding a Personal Touch to AutoCamp Joshua Tree

We carefully choose our AutoCamp locations based on an appreciation for the specific local culture and attractions, so it’s important to us to incorporate independent creators into the design process. Joshua Tree heavily features West Coast artisans, some of whom actually live and work within minutes of our site. Read more about some of our favorites below—and bookmark their sites so you know where to source some of your favorite pieces for yourself. 

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Alexis Moran

Each AutoCamp location has a specific personality tailored to offer a compelling sense of place. Our custom Joshua Tree furniture created by Alexis Moran is just one piece of that puzzle. Moran, a fourth-generation Bay Area local, makes sleek but warm pieces that pair hyper functionality with a reverence for the raw beauty of materials like wood. Moran, who was featured on Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV, has become a go-to designer for stylish restaurants and tech campuses. You may recognize some of her other designs already living in the AutoCamp Russian River, Cape Cod, and Yosemite Clubhouses.

Fong Brothers Co.

Fong Brothers’ furniture is made-to-order, a practice that reduces waste and ensures the highest quality possible. Originally established in 1954, this heritage brand has long relied on natural materials like wood and wicker, and taps highly skilled artisans to produce their inventive but simple pieces. The company has evolved over the years, producing timeless designs that feature unusual angles and geometric shapes. Their indoor and outdoor lines look right at home in the desert. 

Helios White 586x626

Galanter & Jones

This truly innovative company has found a way to make the outdoors warm and inviting year-round. Founded in 2012 by Bay Area siblings Aaron and Miranda Jones, Galanter & Jones has become the go-to source for stylishly molded and super-functional furniture that plugs in, so you can feel cozy even on chilly nights and in the winter. Curl up on one of their lounges or love seats to watch the Joshua Tree stars come out, without needing to build a fire for warmth. 

All Roads Studio

Founded by our Joshua tree neighbors Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak, who live in a town near Joshua Tree called Yucca Valley, All Roads Studio is a design and fabrication shop that creates everything from custom metal pieces welded by Robert to textiles by Janelle. The pair met while working at a motorcycle repair shop in Philadelphia, which explains the playful edge they bring to their design approach. 

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Designers on Holiday

Site-specific installations are the specialty of this art and design studio, founded by Tom Gottelier and Bobby Petersen. Experts in bold, airy design, they have created everything from an innovative desert bus stop to Buckminster Fuller-inspired domes as part of a plant education center. Keep an eye out for their art installations at AutoCamp Joshua Tree, which make the most of the sprawling location and stark shadows created by the sun. 


Founded by Brit Kleinman in 2014, AVO’s collection of hand-dyed leather, rugs, tiles, and accessories are designed to create conversation and spark intrigue. We are thrilled to feature an AVO tapestry in the AutoCamp Joshua Tree Clubhouse. 

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Jaque Fragua 

Jaque Fragua is an indigenous artist, whose work features visions drawn from traditional Native American ceramics, blankets, tattoo designs, and more. Fragua authentically repurposes his culture’s iconography, which conceptually subverts our overconsumption of misappropriated Native American design and identity.

Dan John Anderson 

Local Joshua Tree designer, Dan John Anderson, is designing and creating a handful of sculptural stools and tables that will live in our Joshua Tree Clubhouse entryway. Both beautiful and functional, Anderson’s pieces highlight the terrain and feel of the local desert landscape. 

Dan John Anderson

Kirk Jonasson 

Oregon-based photographer Kirk Jonasson is creating the triptych photograph series that will live at the AutoCamp Joshua Tree front desk. According to Kirk, he avoids post-production manipulation of color and composition and prints the full-frame images he has captured. We admire this raw, unfiltered art form and can’t wait to see it come alive in our Clubhouse.

Ana DiGiallonardo 

Local Morongo Valley artist, Ana DiGiallonardo is a self-taught painter, inspired by the colorful landscapes and skies of the High Desert. Utilizing the colors and textures of the local landscape, DiGiallonardo uses the flow and movement of her hands to push acrylic paint to where she wants it to live, letting the colors bleed into one another to create color field paintings.

Ana Digiallonardo

A special thanks to our design partners at HKS and Narrative Design for their help in creating such a magical location.