The Makers Behind AutoCamp Cape Cod

Like all the best projects, AutoCamp Cape Cod is a group effort. Our team has thought through every detail of the experience, down to the laundry baskets, to ensure your stay isn’t just comfortable, it’s also memorable. We’re proud to partner with companies that share our love of protecting and appreciating the environment and minimalist design. Many of them are American heritage brands with deep manufacturing roots, and all make an effort to give back through sustainable production and ethical practices. 

Here’s a few of the vendors making the Cape Cod experience so special. 


Blue Flag Partners

AutoCamp Cape Cod wouldn’t be what it is today without the team at Blue Flag. From the beginning, their team has worked tirelessly together to make our dreams of this location into a reality, from their careful attention to detail and thoughtful craftsmanship to their community relationship-building and deep respect for the local environment. Blue Flag serves as both AutoCamp Cape Cod’s local developer as well as its contractor, putting together the amazing team of craftsmen, subcontractors, local artisans, designers, and engineers. Their love of adventure-inspired design and local expertise made Blue Flag the perfect partner for this unique project.

luxury tent

Sheridan Tents and Awnings

An American heritage brand, Sheridan has been designing and sewing canvas tents since 1909. Based in Wyoming, Sheridan is, fittingly, a pioneer of the tent industry, relying on heavyweight, high-quality canvas that can stand up to all kinds of adventures. Our custom Sheridan tents offer plenty of headroom and interior space to make yourself at home, plus wide openings to allow the outdoors in and make the most of those balmy Cape Cod summer breezes. They’re also a waterproof, cozy hideout when the weather takes a turn—there’s nothing quite like curling up with a book to the sound of the rain pattering on your canvas tent. 


Windy Chien

We’re pretty obsessed with Windy Chien, a sculptor and textile artist who explores different knotting techniques and weaving processes to create pieces that range from small-scale knots to large-scale installations. In her book The Year of Knots (2016), Windy documented the process of teaching herself a new knot (there are over 4,000!) each day for a year. Based on the West Coast, Windy is a world-traveler whose work incorporates tying techniques and traditions from around the world, many of which can be traced back to nautical and sailing culture—which makes her piece an especially fitting choice for AutoCamp Cape Cod. 

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Kudd Krig Home

Warm minimalism underscores the aesthetic of Kudd Krig, a Long Beach-based company that produces stunning, understated art and home goods. You’ll find a massive 10’ tall original painting that uses their characteristic etching techniques hanging in our Clubhouse lounge. This piece blends seamlessly with our mid-century modern Clubhouse and lodgings.

Cape Cod


Workshop has been with us since the very start. From original plans to final touches, Workshop helped define the AutoCamp Cape Cod experience. Since 2019, the New York-based design firm and our team worked closely to bring the Clubhouse to life. From blueprints and renderings to lighting and bathroom fixtures, Workshop’s sharp eye and creative team really worked around the clock to create the welcoming, functional space that guests will never want to leave. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

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Loll Designs

One of the toughest choices we have to make is what outdoor furniture to provide at every Tent, Airstream, and Suite. It has to survive every kind of weather under the sun, 365 days a year, and look as fresh as possible for every guest. Loll Designs out of Duluth Minnesota fits that bill with a few added bonuses; their products are as sustainable as they come, and they look good doing it. Certified Cradle-to-Cradle, their furniture is made using recycled plastic and has an infinite life cycle as every bit and bolt is recyclable. There are few companies as committed to the environment, good design, and having a good time outdoors, as Loll.

Sg Usa Autocamp By Luisa Brimble 922


One of the biggest barriers to entry for new outdoor explorers can be having to haul cookware to a campsite—which is why we provide everything you need to cook unforgettable meals under the open sky right at your luxury tent or Autocamp suite (just another of the many reasons why AutoCamp is the ideal way to experience an overnight in the great outdoors). So as you can imagine, we take our cookware selection seriously, and Utah-based B-Corp Barebones was an obvious choice for AutoCamp Cape Cod. Based on the primal idea of cooking over an open fire, Barebones’ collection includes sturdy cast iron pans, utensils, and enamelware designed to work well, and last a lifetime. Whether it’s a pan of crispy potatoes cooked over the campfire under the stars or morning pancakes eaten inside your AutoCamp Airstream, Barebones is a key element of making every day at AutoCamp Cape Cod so delicious. 

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Steele Canvas 

Can laundry baskets be cool? They can if they’re made by Steele Canvas. Founded not too far from AutoCamp Cape Cod, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1921, Steele is a family-run, American-made business that just celebrated their 100-year anniversary of making the highest quality laundry goods. Originally designed for commercial use, their industrial-chic canvas baskets, carts, and totes have become coveted by interior design enthusiasts around the world. It’s just another example of how at AutoCamp, no detail is too small—not even laundry.