6 Reasons Why AutoCamp Russian River is Your Corporate Retreat Destination

Looking for a place to stay in the Sonoma County area? A place to bring your team that is out of the norm? As the year unfolds and new goals are set, get your team out of the office and into fresh air. Below, we’ve created a list of six reasons why AutoCamp Russian River is your next corporate retreat destination.

1. Take a deep breath

With a new year comes new stresses. Take your team out of the office and into nature. According to the Internal Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, spending just 20 minutes in nature each day decreases our stress levels significantly (1). Imagine what a couple of days of digital detox in nature could do for your stress levels.

2. Get Inspired

Time in nature will allow your team to get inspired simply by what is around you. While the background of your computer screen might be of the Grand Canyon, it may not be cutting it as far as your exposure to nature goes.

3. Grow As A Team

Corporate Retreats are a great way to bond with your group and team build. Get to know your teammates at a more personal level. Challenge each other with a shared adventure-hike, bike, kayak or even zipline through the redwood canopy. Use our open space for team games and activities.

4.  Come Together

Host meetings, meals and brainstorming sessions in our Signature Clubhouse or outdoor event space. Our space is the perfect place to talk business and share ideas. Equipped with all the necessities of your meeting, lead your team into the new year.

5. Have Fun

Retreat for a while to quaint Downtown Guerneville for drinks, dinner or shopping after your meetings have commenced. Spend time around the fire, roast a s’more, and get to know your coworkers.

6. Stay Close

With enough suites on site to accommodate your entire team, AutoCamp is the perfect place for all your meeting needs. Stay just for the evening or for a few days. There’s no better commute than a stroll from your Airstream to the clubhouse.

Interested? Come stay with us! Send your inquiries to