Meet the Makers: AutoCamp Zion

Meet the Makers and Artists Adding a Personal Touch to AutoCamp Zion

All of our AutoCamp locations are imbued with designs and elements that speak to the surrounding landscapes and cultures. As our AutoCamp team conceptualizes new properties, we work to incorporate independent creators into the design process. For our Zion location, we made sure to weave in the colors of the surrounding red rocks and mountainous layers into our Clubhouse. Read more about some of our favorite artists and makers below—and bookmark their sites so you know where to source some pieces for yourself. 

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Alexis Moran

Our custom Zion furniture created by Alexis Moran is a staple for enjoying our Clubhouse’s indoor fireplace. Moran, a fourth-generation Bay Area local, makes eclectic, warm pieces that pair functionality with a reverence for the beauty of raw materials. Alexis’ body of work exhibits a unique ability to make intuitive, useful, and beautiful pieces through a process that is personalized from concept to installation. You may recognize some of her designs in the AutoCamp Russian River, Cape Cod, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite Clubhouses.

Project Sunday

Project Sunday has a decade-long history in Salt Lake City, Utah, designing and fabricating custom furniture and architectural features for commercial and residential projects alike. This small team of builders and designers is proud to continue the legacy of high quality handcrafted pieces while evolving into the future of efficient manufacturing with new materials and techniques. We’re excited to feature their custom furniture and millwork in our AutoCamp Zion Clubhouse.

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Founded in 1998, Casamidy aims to combine contemporary design with traditional artisan methods. Our Clubhouse features these stunning mixed material chairs, along with an orange sectional sofa designed by Casamidy. Picture yourself settling into one of these comfortable seats, warming up by the fire, and staring out onto the mesmerizing, topographic horizon.

Zachary A. Design

Founded by Zac Bitner and based in Chicago, Zachary A. Design hand-casts every one of their pieces. Their furniture is intentionally created to serve as both indoor and outdoor pieces throughout all of the seasons. Our property features their concrete and resin side tables, which offer a touch of the unexpected through their modern, lightweight design. We appreciate that the tables resemble a form that appears to be carved out of stone, especially with the incredible rock formations that surround our location.

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Laura Hope

Laura Hope Mason is an artist and native of Salt Lake City, Utah. She spent her formative years surrounded by the state’s natural beauty and immersed in the Fine Arts so readily available in Utah. Her goal is to capture her evolving relationship with her environment, rather than produce realistic landscapes. Mason’s beautiful artwork can be enjoyed in the Clubhouse, and we are honored to feature her locally-inspired and Utah-made artwork.

Matteo Fogale 

Matteo Fogale was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and moved to Italy in 2001, where he studied at the Art School Leonardo da Vinci and IUAV University of Venice. Now based in London, Fogale has collaborated on a number of impressive projects. Made out of sustainable Portuguese cork, Fogale’s side tables introduce an exciting natural material to our Clubhouse scape. All tables are produced and hand-finished by Fogale himself.

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Croft House

Croft House furniture is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. Founded in 2010, Croft House is known for its contemporary California style and handmade statement furniture. Bringing together a blend of natural elements and contemporary aesthetics, Croft House’s chairs are perfect for taking in the views at AutoCamp Zion. Each piece is locally handmade, utilizing single-batch production, which means that each chair is truly personalized.

A special thanks to our design partners at Narrative Design for helping to create such an amazing new location.