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AutoCamp x Sierra Club

We’re partnering with the Sierra Club to further foster and promote a love of the outdoors. Together, we hope to inspire the protection of wild places through travel and outdoor recreation.

Sierra Club is one of most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. Founded 130 years ago by famed Sierra conservationist John Muir, the organization has expanded to amplify the power of millions of members. The Sierra Club has roots as a social and recreational society, and throughout its history, the club has lead hikes and outings, maintained trails, and built huts and lodges in the Sierras.

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At AutoCamp, our mission has always been to make it easier for everyone to experience nature thanks to thoughtful accommodations and welcoming hospitality. We believe that the more people who can get outside and connect with the natural world, the more people will advocate to make decisions with the Earth’s wellbeing in mind. We’re proud to unite with the Sierra Club through our shared love for bringing people together in the outdoors, and we’re excited to join forces with the Sierra Club’s supporters, in an effort to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world.

Through our partnership, we’ll celebrate and reward those who protect the outdoors, and we aim to inspire others to take action. We look forward to supporting each other’s conservation efforts and uplifting emerging, influential voices in the environmental movement.

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Stay tuned for future cleanup opportunities, special events, and sustainable experiences to come! Here’s to spreading the love for planet Earth! Use the link below for a discounted stay.