Our Favorite Ways to “Reset” Surrounded by Nature

From AutoCamp Locations

This week marked World Mental Health Day, making it an especially meaningful time to slow down and appreciate the restorative power of the great outdoors. 

Creating space for a mental and physical reset is at the core of what makes each AutoCamp location so special. From the sandy shores of Cape Cod to the majestic forests of the Russian River Valley (and some of the country’s most beautiful places in-between!) puts you directly in touch with the calming feeling of going to sleep under the stars and waking up to the sound of the birds. 

Time spent in nature has been proven to replenish cognitive resources, increase positive emotions, and decrease anxiety, amid a host of other mental benefits. If you’ve been meaning to plan an outdoor getaway for self-care, take inspiration from some of our favorite wellness activities below.

Forest Bathing

Taking time to slow down and feel more present is easier said than done when it comes to unplugging from our busy day-to-day schedules. That’s where forest bathing comes in. Referred to as “Shinrin-Yoku” in Japan, forest bathing uses mindfulness and meditation techniques to open all five senses and connect with nature as a healing tool. It’s a low pressure way to switch gears and make the most of your time in some of the forests that surround AutoCamp locations.


The guided immersive experience, offered at AutoCamp locations like Yosemite, Russian River, and Catskills, walks you through techniques to feel more calm and connected to your natural surroundings.

Sunrise and Ecology Hike

If you’re itching to get out into the landscape surrounding AutoCamp, there’s plenty of active options to get your blood flowing while still helping you stay centered. One of the best ways to learn about the flora and fauna of Joshua Tree on an Herbal Medicine and Ecology Hike that offers firsthand introduction to the indigenous plant life of the Mojave Desert, and how they have traditionally been used in healing practices.  


If espresso al fresco is more your speed, start your day in the desert with a sunrise hike (complete with coffee or tea). The hushed early morning hours can have a magical effect, and are the best time of day to see some of the region’s wildlife. 

Morning Meditation and Yoga Flow

Meditation and yoga has long been appreciated as a way to not just improve your mobility, but also quiet and free your mind. Every AutoCamp location features some form of group yoga and meditation on property, guided by local teachers who incorporate the beauty of the natural surroundings.


At AutoCamp Catskills, that means a morning flow paired with reflective meditation in the early morning on the lawn. If you’re looking for something that blends activity and rest, Yosemite also offers a unique combination of hiking and yoga that involves an afternoon flow overlooking the Yosemite Valley. 

At AutoCamp Cape Cod, Vinyasa yoga sessions are the perfect way to wake up before a day of exploring the coast, while Hatha yoga at Russian River is designed to rejuvenate. 

Rest assured that these peaceful experiences just scratch the surface of all the ways to find a sense of serenity that will last long after you leave AutoCamp. Immerse yourself in nature and take advantage of all the benefits that come from getting outside of your everyday grind.