Callers may experience long wait times. Please check dates online when possible.

AutoCamp Russian River Arrival Essentials

We’re excited to welcome you to AutoCamp Russian River. Please explore this central hub of all the information you’ll need before and during your stay with us. If you have any questions, or need anything, text us at (707) 604-6103.


  • Clubhouse is OPEN with social distancing and masks required. Text us to check in when you arrive at (707) 604-6103.
  • Shared fire pits are OPEN with social distancing required.
  • Food & Beverage is OPEN via pickup 8am to 9pm daily. Order for pickup here.
  • Breakfast items are AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.
  • Front Desk is OPEN from 7:30am to 9pm daily. Text us at (707) 604-6103 if you need anything.
  • Housekeeping is AVAILABLE from 12pm to 3pm daily for an extra fee of $50. Text us before 12pm to schedule.
  • Once you check in and receive your room access code, you can update your code to a string of numbers that is easy for you and your traveling companions to remember. To do so:
    1. Choose a number (1-9 digits long) that you can remember easily.
    2. Hold the [*] key until the light is solid green, then release.
    3. While the green light is lit, enter the [original access code], press [#], then enter [your own code] and press [#].
    4. Please ensure that your own code is working properly by entering it on the key pad and press [#]. Thank you!


  • The Russian River is currently PARTIALLY OPEN:
    1. Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville is CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.
    2. Monte Rio Beach is OPEN (and dog friendly).
    3. Steelhead Beach is OPEN.
    4. Sunset Beach is OPEN.
    5. Armstrong National Redwoods Preserve is CLOSED. Click here for more information.

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