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AutoCamp Santa Barbara is located on an authentic piece of central coast property. 

The property’s history begins in 1915 when Santa Barbara City Councilman A.W. Dozier believed Santa Barbara would be a worthy stop for motorists on a tour of California’s central coast. In 1922, the Santa Barbara AutoCamp was opened as a campground for motorists at the same location it rests at today. By the mid 1920s, the travel trailer had yet to be invented, so motorists adapted their cars into custom-made “caravans” in search of solitude and adventure.

This same vision prompted CEO of AutoCamp, Neil Dipaola to reinvent the wanderlust experience by re-inviting today’s traveler to AutoCamp Santa Barbara. “AutoCamp’s mission is to be true to a time when travelers were drawn by the simplicity of life,” says Dipaola.  “From the vintage Airstreams, to the décor, to friendly local color, our goal is to honor the authenticity of the past.  This quiet cluster of oaks, located within the heart of local shopping and eateries, allows guests to rediscover the magic.”

AutoCamp Santa Barbara is located on the existing RV park that houses thirty other trailers. Many local residents live full-time at the park and some have called it home for more than four decades. To create a truly local experience, AutoCamp Santa Barbara works in harmony with the longterm residences. While longtime residents know the rich history of this secret pocket of Santa Barbara, many others do not know of the thousands of travelers that camped in farmer’s fields and along hidden creeks, to spend the night during their trips up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

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