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The AutoCamp team holds Yosemite National Park close to our hearts, as it is one of our favorite places for exploration and adventure, as well as the destination of the newest location, AutoCamp Yosemite. We feel fortunate to be part of the surrounding community and are devastated to see the effects of the wildfire on the area. We are grateful to know that AutoCamp Yosemite has remained safe and for the firefighters and first responders working to preserve the beauty of the Yosemite community.

AutoCamp will be donating $50 for every reservation made between now and December 2nd to Yosemite Sequoia Resource, Conservation and Development Council to support ecological restoration projects in the Yosemite area. Donations will only be valid for reservations made at AutoCamp Yosemite. To reserve now, please click here. AutoCamp will donate up to $20,000 as part of this pledge, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $5,000.

We appreciate your support to help keep this amazing community safe, and hope that we can create a difference, together.

Help us support fire relief while also staying at Yosemite’s newest Airstream hotel. Book now at the link below.


For more ways to help our community, consider these organizations:

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Aiding injured and fallen firefighters and their families. A donation will go towards benefitting those who assisted with Ferguson Fire containment.

GoFundMe to Support Bereavement Funds for Braden Varney

Two firefighters have tragically passed away while fighting the fire, Brian Hughes and Braden Varney. A GoFundMe has been created to help Braden Varney’s wife and two kids.

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