AutoCamp Yosemite opens February 2019. Reserve your stay.

Retail / Merchandise Consultant for AutoCamp Yosemite


AutoCamp’s mission is to connect people with the outdoors and each other through beautiful design and welcoming hospitality.  AutoCamp properties employ a self-service customer service model and are run by a small operations team.

AutoCamp seeks to create a limited-size, curated merchandise program that is replicable as we launch new locations.  Initially, the program will be implemented at AutoCamp Yosemite in Mariposa, CA (opening February 1, 2019), and will then be replicated at future AutoCamp locations.  The merchandise will be displayed alongside food and beverage items in a retail shop within the property’s Clubhouse reception area.


Project to start by October 1, 2018

Merchandise orders placed by November 15, 2018

Onsite merchandising and installation by February 1, 2019

Project completion and final check-in on AutoCamp Yosemite March 1, 2019

Scope of Work:

  1. Conceptualize, design, test and approve samples, locate, set-up and hand-off vendors to AutoCamp, and set pricing margins for approximately 25 AutoCamp-branded and non-branded merchandise items.
  2. Design, document, and implement visual merchandising standards, signage, and pricing displays for AutoCamp Yosemite retail space (including food & beverage products).
    1. Includes installation and initial set up of retail space and one post-installation check-in.

Please contact Ryan Miller by email at with past work samples and qualifications to be considered for this consulting opportunity.

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