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We’re Hiring: Full-time Maintenance & Landscape Technician

Do you love the outdoors? Do you think Airstreams are cool? AutoCamp Russian River may be right for you!

AutoCamp is a boutique lodging brand that utilizes luxuriously appointed Airstream trailers as hotel rooms. With properties in unique urban locations and vacation destinations throughout California, AutoCamp’s mission is to deliver an unmatched luxury lodging experience for a new generation of inspired leisure travelers.

AutoCamp launched its first location in Santa Barbara in January 2013, and has since been featured in over 100 publications and media outlets including Sunset Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Since then the AutoCamp team has partnered with Airstream to bring the successful boutique hotel brand to other vacation destinations throughout California and the west. The brand’s second flagship location in Guerneville opened August 19, 2016.

The Position:
As a Maintenance & Landscape Technician for AutoCamp, you will play an important role in accomplishing repairs and maintenance of AutoCamp Russian River. You will be the eyes and ears for all of the guest units, lodging, and common areas, as well as assisting with other maintenance issues that arise on the property. You love to finish a project with pride. This is a full-time position that may have varying hours, depending on the workload for any given week. You love to help others. This position will require an “on-call” status for emergencies and the ability to work weekends and holidays. You are a natural “Go-to” person. This position will report directly to the Head of Maintenance. You love working with others as much as working independently.

Core Responsibilities:
– Care for grounds, trees, lawn bushes, and plants – don’t forget walkways and paths!
– Complete repair, maintenance, and engineering activities
– No one likes garbage, but someone has to do it, daily
– Weed, water, fertilize, prune, and care for planted areas
– Identify and correct or report hazardous conditions
– You are safety minded and look out for guests as well as fellow workers
– Make minor repairs to facilities or equipment – Trailers need love too!
– Complete preventative maintenance program as required, properly submitting work orders on time
– You love to “Get ‘er done”
– Perform skilled repair and maintenance operations requiring use of power tools, hand tools & common sense
– Maintains working spaces in safe and clean condition – because it’s the right thing to do
– Help to coordinate all major repairs and any additional outside labor through management and/or supervisor
– Clean and maintain storage, shop, and non-guest facilities – because “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!”
– Empty trash and recycle receptacles regularly
– Other duties as assigned by the Head of Maintenance, Assistant or General Manager

Desired Skills & Experience:
– Familiarity with plumbing, painting, electrical, interior/ exterior lighting maintenance watering systems.
– Able to repair tables, chairs, doors, windows, or anything else that is broken – not a master anything, but a person who figures things out.
– At least 1 year of experience in a role in maintenance & landscape, preferably in a hospitality facility.
– Good verbal and written communication skills.
– Use of Google Suite & Internet.
– Excellent organizational skills, keen attention to detail. You are neat and organized.
– Must have license and clean driving record.
– Background check required.
– Positive attitude and hard work ethic.
– Must be able to occasionally lift up to 50 lbs, bend, stoop, sit, walk.

To apply for this position, please cut and paste your resume and cover letter into an email and send to If you include an attachment, it will be used for kindling in our fire pit.

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