Dog Policies at AutoCamp

We love hosting your pups here at AutoCamp! What better way to explore the outdoors than with your furry friend by your side. In an effort to get people outside responsibly, we have outlined some local pet policies as well as AutoCamp’s dog policy. Remember to use #DogsOfAutoCamp when you share your pups with us on social media.


Well-behaved owners may accompany their dogs for an additional fee of $75.00 per stay, 2 dogs maximum with a 50lb maximum weight each. We kindly ask guests who bring their dog to read our Dog Policy below before checking into AutoCamp. Dogs are not allowed on property without prior approval.

Dogs MUST be kept on a maximum, 6-foot leash under owner supervision and may not be left unattended at any time.
Guests are responsible to “clean up” after their dog.
All dog waste must be properly disposed of in a dog receptacle.
Noisy, vicious or unruly dogs are not allowed.
AutoCamp is not responsible for, and will hold dog owners accountable for any injury or damage caused by your dog.
Russian River-specific policies: Dog accommodations for Russian River may not be booked online. Luxury Tents at Russian River are not dog-friendly.


Where pets are allowed:

  • In developed areas
  • On fully paved roads, sidewalks, and bicycle paths (except when signed as not allowing pets)
  • In all campgrounds except walk-in campgrounds (e.g., Camp 4) and in group campsites

Where pets are not allowed:

  • On trails, including the trail to Vernal Fall (however, pets are allowed on the Wawona Meadow Loop)
  • On unplowed roads covered in snow
  • In undeveloped and wilderness areas
  • In public buildings
  • On shuttle buses
  • In lodging areas
  • In all walk-in and group campgrounds/campsites, including Camp 4
  • In any other areas, as signed

Important notes:

  • Pets must be restrained on a leash not more than six feet long or otherwise physically restrained
  • Leashed pets may not be left unattended
  • For the courtesy of other visitors, human companions are responsible for cleaning up and depositing pet feces in trash receptacles
  • Remember that pet food is also bear food: store pet food as if it were human food.


Dogs must be controlled on a leash at ALL times during your visit to your parks. Dogs on leash are only allowed on the main, paved road, in one of the developed picnic areas or within your registered campsite at Bullfrog Pond Campground. Dogs are NOT allowed on any dirt trail or dirt road. If camping, your pet will need to stay in your tent or in your vehicle overnight.